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دانلود میکروتیک MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.3 VMware

این نسخه از میکروتیک برای مجازی ساز Vmware و با فرمت ova ارایه شده است ، لایسنس این فایل از نوع سطح 6 میباشد.

نام کاربری پیش فرض admin بوده و رمز نداره.


تغییرات این نسخه :

*) dhcpv6-server – do not release address of static binding from pool after server removal;
*) export – fixed “/system routerboard” export (introduced in 6.40.1);
*) export – fixed export for PoE-OUT related settings;
*) ike1 – fixed initiator ID comparison to NAT-OA;
*) led – fixed “on” and “off” triggers when multiple LEDs are selected;
*) led – fixed RB711UA ether1 LED (introduced in v6.38rc16);
*) lte – do not show USB LTE modem under “/port” menu;
*) lte – fixed ethernet flap when LTE establishes connection;
*) lte – fixed SXT LTE graphs in QuickSet;
*) lte – improved reliability of USB LTE modems;
*) poe-out – fixed router reboot after “poe-out-status” changes;
*) rb1100ahx4 – fixed HW acceleration fragmented packet decryption when fragment is smaller than 64 bytes;
*) rb750gr3 – show warning and do not allow to use “protected-bootloader” feature if “factory-firmware” older than 3.34.4 version;
*) routerboard – added “mode-button” support for RB750Gr3 (CLI only);
*) ssh – do not execute command if it starts with “-” symbol;
*) traffic-flow – fixed reboots when IPv6 address has been set as target address without active IPv6 package;
*) userman – fixed “limitation” and “profile-limitation” update;
*) userman – fixed CoA packet processing after changes in “/tool user-manager router” configuration;
*) webfig – allow to open table entry even if table is not sorted by # (introduced in v6.40);
*) webfig – allow to unset “rate-limit” for DHCP leases;
*) winbox – added possibility to define “comment” for “/routing bgp network” entries;
*) winbox – do not show FAN related information under “/system health” menu for devices which does not have it;
*) winbox – do not show LCD menu for devices which does not have it;
*) winbox – fixed ARP table update after entry changes state to incomplete;
*) wireless – added “russia3” country settings;
*) wireless – added New Zealand regulatory domain information for P2P links;
*) wireless – updated China and New Zealand regulatory domain information;
*) www – fixed unresponsive Web services (introduced in v6.40);

دانلود میکروتیک MikroTik RouterOS 6.40.3 VMware